What Google, Meta, TikTok and Spotify have planned for Cannes Lions 2022

Learn about the participation and activities of Google, Meta, TikTok and Spotify in the 2022 edition of Cannes Lions.

What Google, Meta, TikTok and Spotify have planned for Cannes Lions 2022

The month of June is synonymous with Cannes Lions for the advertising industry. After a two-year break and a purely digital one, the festival returns in person to the French location from the 20th to the 24th of this month. Large companies, such as Google, Meta, TikTok, or Spotify will be present at the publicity event, which has already announced the program for this edition.

Google is going to use the festival to reconnect as an industry and with our partners. “At Google Beach, we will be having conversations with our clients about the future of creativity, inclusive marketing, measurement, and sustainability, as well as hosting a YouTube night and our annual Pride program,” she continues.

Within the program, it will be present from Monday 20, the day the advertising event starts, in a round table of purpose. On Tuesday the 21st she will have her own talk: Reimagining Search – Anyway, Anywhere, while on Thursday the 23rd she will participate in another debate, in this case about loyalty, gaming in the metaverse, and cultural trends.

On the other hand, the mythical Facebook beach has now been renamed Meta Beach due to the name change announced last year. This signature will be on the purpose table of the first day mentioned above. Besides, on the 21st he will participate in By 2030 Every Ad Will Be a Green Ad.

Meta’s Vice President for EMEA, Angie Gifford, will give a presentation on the same Tuesday, in this case on the terrace stage. Nicola Mendelsohn, Global Vice President of the Business Group at Meta, will reflect on the power of connections on Wednesday, June 22. Finally, on a penultimate day, the 23rd, Meta will open a conversation about the future of avatars on her beach.

TikTok and Spotify will also contribute their grain of sand at Cannes Lions 2022

The official partner of the Young Lions this year is TikTok, a platform that celebrated its premiere at this event three years ago. The video network will have its own stand in front of the Palace, where you can meet creators and learn more about current trends, tools, and advertising formats.

“Brands can learn how they can become TikTok creators or participate through co-creation. Throughout the week, we’ll host a series of talks on some of the biggest topics, from successful brand associations to community building, creator collaboration, and the creative process.”

In relation to presentations, Sofía Hernández, Global Head of Business Marketing at TikTok, will be in charge of offering a talk on community and relationship building on this platform.

Spotify will also have a presence on the beach and at the festival. Regarding on-site activities, Kristiana Carlet, Head of International Advertising Sales, says: “Spotify Beach is back on the Croisette with an exciting daytime show, featuring creators of our exclusive podcasts, featuring influencers, as well as concerts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.

You can check the entire Cannes Lions 2022 program at this link.

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