WAGMI United launches NFTs that make history for football fans

Web3 sports brand WAGMI United has announced a new partnership with Adidas to launch an NFT collection based on its subsidiary and English League One club   Crawley Town. The collection, dubbed “WAGMI United”, will be released on July 6, 2022.While the artwork of the collection remains to be defined, holders of a WAGMI United NFT will have access to a number of Crawley Town club benefits, as well as the ability to receive physical and digital Adidas-branded merchandise.

Even more poignantly, incumbents will also be able to participate in a “fans council”, where, for the first time in the world, decisions within the football team will be made in a decentralized manner through the ownership of the NFT that guarantees the decision-making powers to previously voiceless fans.

Here, fans will have a hands-on role in determining the fate and direction of the club, making decisions such as whether the East London club president and co-president should keep their jobs if the team is not promoted to the third tier of club football. England next season. For the football community as a whole, this level of fan power is completely unprecedented.

The effort is part of WAGMI United’s vision to transform Crawley Town into a well-known Internet team with a global audience around the world. Ultimately, and as stated on their website, the aim of the project is to bring Crawley Town to the holy grail of English football, the Premier League.

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