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A new collaboration has been announced for the PUBG Mobile Battle Royal, in which players will be able to summon teddy bears, thanks to the alliance with The Great British Teddy Bear Company, with multiple special skins for the game.

According to the official statement on the title site distributed by Krafton Inc., different designs inspired by Sherlock HolmesRobin Hood, and Kitten/Shiba Inu, written by English authors, can be unlocked.

To unlock them, you will have to carry out a dynamic of drawings with various internal currency costs of the video game, depending on the chosen character, and each day the options to choose to carry out the activity will change.

For its part, there will also be items with the collaboration of GB Teddy Bear such as a cover, decorations, and a parachute of these teddy bears based in the United Kingdom.

PUBG Mobile signed an alliance with a company supported by the British royal family

This collaboration between PUBG Mobile and The Great British Teddy Bear Company, valid until July 22 this year, means the game secured a royal-backed content alliance.

The UK teddy bear company, established in 2002 and celebrating its 20th anniversary, is supported by the royal family and the British Prime Minister.

Likewise, these GB Teddy Bears are collectible pieces by celebrities from Hollywood and the world, so PUBG Mobile would enter a new range of designs.

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