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Prada launches into Web3 with its Timecapsule collection accompanied by NFTs

Luxury brand Prada is collaborating with Damien Hirst's son Cassius Hirst for its upcoming Timecapsule event. The latter will be special, since the collection will include a shirt designed by the artist, in a limited edition, and will be accompanied by NFTs to provide an exclusive touch to the future owner.

Prada presents its Timecapsule NFTs project

On June 2, the luxury brand Prada will launch its next Timecapsule collection . For this occasion, each buyer will receive a non-fungible token (NFTs) representing the digital version of the physical object.

To be more precise, the Timecapsule event takes place on the first Thursday of every month , and the brand offers a special line of clothing or accessories, in limited quantities, for 24 hours.

As part of its next project, Prada is launching a special event for its Timecapsule. Indeed, in collaboration with the artist Cassius Hirst (the son of Damien Hirst), a collection of shirts will be created in limited edition and these will be accompanied by an NFTs .

A total of 100 NFTs will be created on the Ethereum blockchain and the goal is to provide an additional exclusive touch for each owner.

In parallel with this event, Prada launched “Prada Crypted”, an NFTs platform accessible on and a community server on Discord . In this sense, the brand indicates on its website:

“The server is a place to exchange ideas and be inspired by each other while connecting the world of fashion with the worlds of art, architecture, cinema, music, Web3 and Moreover. »

Luxury brands go Web3

In this approach, this is not the first time that Prada has been confronted with NFTs. Indeed, the luxury brand has collaborated with Adidas to develop a project of community NFTs.

Recently, other luxury brands have entered this ecosystem. For example, Gucci bought land in the blockchain game The Sandbox (SAND) whose objective is to create experiences in the metaverse.

In continuity, the fashion house Balmain continues initiatives involving NFTs and is on its third project.

Thus, the major brands no longer hesitate to embark on this universe. order, in particular, to bring an atypical touch to their collections, and to attract a new type of clientele.

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