Marvel adds Captain America to its NFTs

Marvel adds Captain America to its NFTs
Marvel adds Captain America to its NFTs

The firm had inaugurated its collection last week with Spider Man.

Last week, Marvel entered the world of non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) with the release of a Spider-Man digital collection . At the time, Dan Buckley, the company’s president, celebrated the entry into the crypto ecosystem and promised new releases throughout the month. Finally, the second came: Captain America .

The partnership between Marvel Entertainment and crypto platform VeVe will add new collectibles to superhero NFTs . Captain America will have different versions, and there will also be pieces of Bucky Barnes and Red Skull, characters from the saga. They will all be priced at $13 , but the number of editions released will vary .

Steve Rogers , the first Captain America, will have 28,888 copies, as will Sam Wilson ‘s . John F. Walker will have 18,888, while Bucky Barnes will have 11,888. His deadly nemesis, the Red Skull , will have 4,888 editions.

As announced by the companies, the new NFTs will be sold in a “blind box”. The curious thing is that they will have a rarity that will make them ” special “, and that will motivate collectors to collect them. It is at that point where their value soars to be marketed within the ecosystem .


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