Lotus prepares to launch an inaugural NFT collection

British automaker Lotus is partnering with companies Web3 Ripple and NFT PRO to launch into the world of NFTs. Here, the former will provide technical support regarding minting digital assets on the ultra-fast, low-cost, zero-issue XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain, while the latter will act as the non-fungible brains behind the assets. happy.Titled “01L Collection”, the project will be rolled out in stages, the first being the launch of an inaugural collection of rare Lotus NFTs. The collection features five different assets, each of which is a dynamic, animated representation of the Lotus emblem with a different colored background. Each of the designs has been curated by the automaker’s in-house design team to ensure that Lotus’ pioneering spirit is fully captured in each NFT.

Those who collect all five resources will unlock a unique experience and a car specially designed for the metaverse. The company also led community members to look for potential surprises that could open up   even more unique experiences   with Lotus.

For now, it remains to define the price of the assets, as well as the specific launch date of the collection, which should take place in the summer of 2022.

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