How to convert Physical art into NFT

As technology seems to emerge and evolve every now and then, there is either an addition to something that never existed or there are some modifications in the existing ways of operating something. Similar is the case of NFTs; the non-fungible tokens have been creating a rising hype on the internet since 2014. It comes under the domain of blockchain, and hence can be tradable in the form of cryptocurrencies. In this blog, we aspire to shed light on the larger perspective that guides how to convert physical art into NFT and more! So keep following the blog to know more.

Today the NFT market accounts for an approximate accumulation of $40 Billion and the number seems to rise because of the growing interest of people in its functions; but here are some of the top reasons why people are eagerly captivated with the idea of NFTs.

  • These can be bought or sold
  • You can embrace the unique code of that item
  • You can gain hands-on the ownership
  • Decentralized information
  • Security is ensured

Now if that is something that is building your interest in these digital assets, you must know that NFTs can be catered through music, art, videos, and so on and so forth.

Conversion of Physical art into NFT

With a rise in sales from 15, 000 to 50, 000 per week, the growth is highly intense and evident. This means there is a greater probability that the NFT can be derived from general physical art. This can also be seen as a more improvised and digital version of what exists in the tangible form.

Now, this attempt is backed up with a full process that certainly begins from a few steps, and obviously to do so, you need to keep your hands on the original art. If you don’t have the actual version of what you want to sell in the form of NFT, then the query of whether or not you can sell physical art into NFT would be left unanswered.

Hence, what you can do is tokenize the worth of any physical art that you own. Regardless of its cost, you can ensure that it is visible on various tradable platforms that work in favor of NFT. The following steps can guide you righteously.

1. Photograph of the art piece

Since we are specifically addressing physical art here, the goal is to ensure that what you intend to convert into an NFT, it should be photographed appropriately. You might not realize but this has to be one of the most imperative steps because at this point you have to ensure that your art should be regarded as something worthy that at least attracts the attention of the viewers and users on those platforms. For this reason, it is better to get the picture scanned rather than taking photos from a camera because the angle can also affect the quality of that image.

2. Use an illustrator

One of the biggest mistakes that you might end up doing is uploading a raw form of the art piece. Instead of enhancing the look of it, you can demean it. This is why it is recommended to use an illustrator that will assist you in fixing errors, adding colors, and anything that you may want to add or subtract from the physical art. It often gets easier to do so with the use of a digital drawing pen. You can call them the last-minute touch-ups!

3. Save, and upload

Lastly, it is time to save the file and upload it on the NFT platform that you have registered yourself on. These kinds of digital spaces are already growing in number but you have to ensure that they are authentic because definitely, you will have to add some significant information regarding you as a seller of that NFT.

4. Promote

Like numerous marketplaces on the internet, it is equally significant to work around promoting your article, which is the digital form of your physical art. Some people who are new to the industry don’t have enough know-how regarding it but if you don’t create eye-catching content, it won’t drag people or land them on your page.

5. Create GIFs, and widespread on social channels

From GIFs to teasers, you can only create that special hype of your NFT artwork if you are doing your marketing right. It is always recommended to post rigorously on the social media channels that you have already created. This will ultimately set a unique identity of your object which is supported by creativity. Don’t forget to utilize the maximum usage of Instagram and other social channels. Besides, plan and keep a price that is reasonable from the audience’s perspective.

Make Money with your NFT art

The best and probably the most attractive element of an NFT is that it has a worth of its own. Although some believe that with re-sale you might lose the actual cost of that digital object but that is not always the case. The probability only exists because when anything has a value associated with it, there are chances that it will either go up or go down.

So if you are interested in making money with your NFT, you need to curtail a mindset that prevails over the idea of returns. First and foremost you have to create an account and get yourself registered on the marketplace. Secondly, when you have decided on the item that you are planning to sell as NFT, you have to list it. Other than these options, you can rent them and also empower the NFT royalties.

Although making money through NFTs is one of the great goals in the long run, you cannot foresee success if you haven’t given enough time in understanding the market of crypto and blockchain which are the basic pillars of this kind of non-fungible token.

The Key Takeaway

Staying up to date with the fast-paced digital world is one thing, but when you invest in it and mark yourself as a buyer or seller, that is when you are utilizing your money, time, and mind in the right space. With NFTs, that is exactly what you can do and this blog is all about it!









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