Discover the professions that will be most in demand in the metaverse

A few months ago the Facebook business group made public its name change to Meta. He also announced that he planned to create around 10,000 new high-skilled jobs in the European Union to help develop the metaverse. As we can imagine, it is not the only company that is betting on the growth of this technology. In fact, it is estimated that there are already more than 160 companies that have joined this race. Taking this into account, in this article we point out the professions that will be most in-demand in the world of the metaverse and how to achieve your goal. Keep reading!

The new professions in the metaverse

For those who still do not know or have not heard what the metaverse iswe could define it as a shared virtual world. In this parallel reality, users can create an avatar and travel and interact in this immersive virtual world, where it is possible to do a wide variety of activities. For example, socializing, gaming, working, shopping, and even remotely attending a concert or sporting event.

As with the digitization process, the metaverse is creating new hybrid and IT job opportunities that require a combination of soft and hard skills. That said, if you want to dedicate yourself to exploiting this sector, take note of the metaverse professions that will be most in-demand and that are ready to explode in the future :

1# Ecosystem Developer

The metaverse does not arise alone. You have to build an entire ecosystem around it. From sensors to laws or regulations through the CPU or KYC processes. The world is complex and digitized it even more.

We can compare that difficulty with that of the automobile industry. Right now they are facing a transition to electric vehicles. The product is there, but the biggest obstacle is the lack of widespread charging stations across the country and the constant evolution of battery capacities. Similarly, we could have the software and hardware to have a metaverse, and everything else would still be missing.

In this sense, the ecosystem developer is in charge of coordinating partners and governments to ensure that the various functionalities created are possible on a large scale. They will boost government investments in infrastructure and encourage large communities of actors.

Interoperability is one of its key concepts to ensure that a metaverse customer can use its virtual items in different experiences. Other efforts will need to be geared towards financial institutions, which will support distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts for the exchange of goods and services on the platform.

2# Hardware Engineers

Unsurprisingly, hardware engineers will also be one of the most sought-after professions in the metaverse. This is because it will not only be based on code, games, and applications. That is, operating in a permanently available three-dimensional environment will require the development of new cameras, headsets, wearable devices, sensors, etc.

Despite the fact that these technologies already exist today, much work is still needed to make them wireless, comfortable, light, and capable of impacting all senses, as well as stirring the user’s emotions.

Having several years of experience in product development, embedded systems design, or computer or electrical engineering experience will be a great asset when applying for a position as a hardware engineer in the metaverse.

On the other hand, to become a true expert in this field, you will have to master programming languages, data collection, and analysis tools. Also artificial intelligence, robotics, sensors or cameras, depending on the product you want to develop.

3# AR and VR software engineers

According to a report on the profile of software engineers, jobs related to augmented reality and virtual reality increased in demand by an impressive 1400% in 2019 alone. As the metaverse continues to expand, it will continue to increase leaps and bounds.

Over the next several years, organizations will need thousands of software engineers with skills in both technologies to develop the next computing platform, software, and applications for the metaverse.

Learning the basics of the metaverse is the best way to enter this world. Also, be aware of the evolution of AR and VR technologies. In addition to computer skills, if you want to be an AR and VR software engineer you will need to be familiar with interactive 3D technologies and the three tools that fall under the umbrella of Extended Reality (XR) :

  • VR or Virtual Reality
  • AR or Augmented Reality
  • MR or Mixed Reality

On the other hand, you will also have to gain experience using the most popular programming languages ​​in the metaverse:

  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • javascript
  • python
  • solidity
  • rust

As for the tools and technologies worth focusing on, they include the following:

  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity
  • amazon Sumerian
  • Autodesk Maya
  • blender

Since the applications, games, or experiences you would create would have to be easy to use, it is advisable to also train in user experience (UX) design.

4 # Scientific researcher

Among the most demanded professions in the metaverse is also the scientific researcher. AR and VR scientific researchers are already a staple at top universities and major tech companies. But, as the metaverse slowly becomes a widely accepted idea, a lot more brainpower will be needed.

His job doesn’t just involve developing some basic real-world digital models into which corporations will be able to bring customers and partners. This already exists today.

These profiles will have to build something akin to the theory of everything, in which the entire world is visible and digitally actionable. This architecture will be the foundation on which all other use cases will be built: games, ads, quality control in factories, DeFi, etc.

Candidates for this job must be able to build and, in addition:

  • Scale prototypes using technology at the confluence of computer vision algorithms for 3D computational photography
  • neural representation
  • Reconstruction of scenes
  • Computational Imaging
  • Visual-inertial odometry
  • state estimate
  • Sensor fusion, mapping, and localization

5# 3D Game Designers

Another of the most demanded professions in the world of the metaverse with 3D game designers or 3D Game Designers. They are the ones in charge of conceptualizing the characters, settings, story, and gameplay of the game. In addition, they also work with developers and programmers to translate these ideas into code.

There are many paths to a career in video games. The amount of time it takes us to get that first job in the metaverse will depend on several factors. For example, the programming skills we have, the experience in game development, our level of education, etc.

Although there will always be something new to learn in the world of game development, it is possible to learn tools like Unity or C# in just a few months. 

6# Metaverse Planner

Let’s continue with the most demanded professions in the metaverse. The metaverse planner or metaverse planner is one of them.

Once we have a functioning metaverse, the ability to plan and implement all functionality in a fully virtual world will be crucial.

As CEOs establish a vision and strategy for metaverse revenue growth in their business, the planner will need to drive a strategic pipeline of opportunities from proof of concept to pilot to implementation. This means everything from identifying market opportunities to building business cases, influencing engineering roadmaps, developing key metrics, etc.

If you want to become a metaverse planner you will need years of management experience, knowledge of HW/SW/SaaS/PaaS, business and marketing models, and, above all, a great business mindset.

7# Product Managers

Product managers are highly demanded in almost all sectors, so it could not be missing as one of the most demanded professions in the metaverse.

Given the growth of users in the metaverse and the high anticipated demand for products and content, companies are going to need even more product managers to, among other things, manage the end-user experience, and test and troubleshoot new products. Also to evangelize new initiatives and promote product development with different teams of engineers, designers, and specialists.

In fact, of the 3,200 jobs posted on Meta’s career page, almost 2,400 are for various types of product managers. Other companies advertising this metaverse profile include Snap, Google, and Oculus.

To be a product manager on a metaverse project you will need technical knowledge and a great understanding of the creative and development environments. The product manager is a hybrid role that does not require coding experience. Do you want to become one? Don’t miss our Master in Product Management.

8# Storytellers

Narrators or storytellers are also one of the most demanded professions in the world of the metaverse.

Unlike video game writers, storytellers in the metaverse will operate at a higher level and will be responsible for creating a captivating and immersive story for various game genres and experiences including:

  • Social
  • Action
  • Sports
  • Simulation
  • Puzzle
  • Role-playing games
  • educational
  • Training.

What soft skills do you need to tell stories? Like a movie, the user must feel that they are part of the fictional world. Effective storytelling involves a deep understanding of human emotions, motivations, and psychology to truly move the audience. Therefore, if you want to become an expert in storytelling, study in the Postgraduate Course in Storytelling and Transmedia Narrative at IEBS. Do not miss it!

9#Marketing Specialist

With the metaverse market expected to reach $814.2 billion by 2028, companies are already lining up to hire what is becoming one of the most in-demand professions in the metaverse, metaverse marketers.

These profiles must be able to conceive, create and execute an interactive and immersive advertising campaign or experience that blurs the lines between physical and digital and appeals to millennials and members of Generation Z.

Unlike the flat, two-dimensional web, businesses will have the ability to create experiences at scale. These could tell a story, allow users to interact with your product, and ultimately make a purchase. All this without leaving the metaverse.

For example, Nike is partnering with Roblox to create a virtual world called Nikeland where users can dress their avatars in Nike-branded shoes and clothing.

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To be successful in what is being called the next frontier of marketing, specialists will need a wide range of technical knowledge, business acumen, vision, and creativity, as well as the ability to analyze data and trends to formulate a long-term strategy. If you want to become a marketing expert, don’t miss our Master in Digital Marketing.

10 # Cybersecurity expert

Finally and to finish this list of the most demanded professions in the metaverse, there is the cybersecurity expert. The metaverse is the perfect target for cyberattacks and fraud. For example, with hacked avatars, NFT theft, biometric/physiological data leaks, hacked headsets, etc. In short, the possibilities of things going wrong are almost innumerable.

For that, metaverse cybersecurity experts will be needed. These workers will need to be able to block attacks in real-time and will ensure that laws and protocols are reconsidered and changed. To become an expert in cybersecurity, train with the IEBS Master in Cybersecurity.

11#Digital Fashion Designer

In the metaverse, an avatar is a reflection of oneself. Although we are not new to the concept of choosing outfits for our avatars in video games, the big brands are focused on making a mark in the virtual world. The convergence of NFTs and augmented and virtual reality is slowly changing the fashion game. Brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Casablanca, and Balenciaga have already begun to take their first steps in this world.

In the future, with the increasing popularity of the metaverse, the demand for fashion stylists to create avatars and dress them to match each user’s personality will skyrocket. A metaverse fashion stylist will be responsible for shopping for their clients, buying NFT-based clothing for them, and dressing them up.

12# Metahuman Doctor

In line with the previous point, our digital doubles, due to their digital nature, will be perfect replicas of ourselves. All of our biometric and physiological data will be digitized and contained in our metahuman avatars, especially those related to our health conditions.

Thanks to the nanotechnological sensors inserted, this data will be updated in real-time. This will allow meta doctor to simulate the evolution of the pathology, establish the diagnosis and carry out tests and treatments.

Like any digital entity, our avatars can be subject to viral attacks that affect the integrity of their data, thus creating digital pathologies that affect one or more of their properties. To overcome this scenario, metaphysicians will need to combine disciplines at the crossroads of medicine and the “hard” digital sciences.

13# Tour guide in the metaverse

Visit the Milky Way, the Marvelous Land of Alice in Wonderland, the Gotham City of Batman, the Great Pyramid of Ghyzée in the time of Pharaoh Cheops…. Considering that the Metaverse will have an infinity of immersive worlds, it will pave the way for a new form of tourism.

You will be able to navigate from universe to universe to experience all the possibilities of the Metaverse. General culture, art history, games, history and geography, immersive navigation, sense of contact, interpersonal relationships, group visits, etc. It has a thousand experiences to offer.

15# Artifact Finder

In the world of video games, gamers are familiar with the term “artifact.” Defines a magical object that possesses or grants its owner particular, rare, and unprecedented powers. For example, it can be a mechanism that can freeze, speed up, or slow down time, a kind of invisibility cloak, or any other object that allows modifying an element or component of the Metaverse itself.

These can come in any form, as determined by whoever has the ability to create one, the original designer of the “build.”

Just like in the gaming world, you can usually get an artifact by completing a very difficult quest or by solving a complex puzzle. There is a global market for these items, the price of which is only matched by the rarity of the item, the difficulty of obtaining it, or the value of the properties or powers it confers on its owner.

The artifact may also be a flaw, an unexpected and random breach in the Metaverse’s source code, opening up possibilities for unprecedented interactions in the build by whoever discovers it.

16# Smart Contract Lawyer

In the wake of the ethical challenges posed by the metaverse, it is to be expected that a number of legal issues will arise. Especially as governments are unlikely to legislate on these issues quickly, as they often take years to do so.

However, companies will have to develop in-house skills to deal with potential problems that arise in the metaverse. They will also have to anticipate the legal risks that they could have, for example, the existence of deviant behavior in their worlds.

On the other hand, smart contracts are to the metaverse and the blockchain what paper contracts are to the real world. Creating a smart contract requires specific legal and technical knowledge that is currently very rare in the market. Lawyers are already positioning themselves in this emerging niche. However, companies will need internal specialists because the “smart contract” will become, with the blockchain, an essential component of transactions and, therefore, of the life of companies.

17# Data Bounty Hunter

If data is the energy that drives the metaverse, personal data is its most valuable part. By then, sensors will be everywhere and the metaverse platform will record more user information than any current social network.

How can users control their data scattered across different websites, organizations, and governments? A new service would emerge to ensure they have access to and ownership of all of them. These companies have experience with personal privacy regulations in different places and can manage personal data. They are also strong in data mining to track down your data like a data bounty hunter.

At the same time, the risk of data theft will be more serious than it is today. It will be a great challenge for companies to ensure the protection of users’ privacy and prevent the spread and manipulation of false information. This makes fact-checking jobs a popular career choice.

18# Minecraft Gardener

In the middle of last year, a job offer from a gardening and landscaping company in the United Kingdom that was looking for a Minecraft gardener went viral worldwide. They were looking for a virtual landscape gardener to expand their gardening passions into the virtual world and provide professional advice to gamers looking to improve their outdoor space, the job description stated.

It was paid no less than 50 euros per hour and applicants had to be passionate about gardening and Minecraft and have a very creative touch. Jobs of this style will undoubtedly triumph among future professions in the metaverse, just like being an avatar trainer.

What did you think of this article about the most demanded professions in the metaverse? Leave your comments and share!

And if you want to become a futuristic and innovative leader capable of anticipating changes, don’t miss the Master in Metaverse. You will be able to learn from experts in the sector what the future of the metaverse is and its possibilities in terms of new business models. Furthermore, you will learn how to use Blockchain, and in particular NFTs, as new symbols in digital commerce. We will wait for you!

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